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School Charges

Charging Policy

Educational visits and trips take place regularly to enhance the curriculum.  We also have visiting theatre groups/workshops.  As charges for these can be high parents are often asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost.  We hope that parents will support these very important aspects of the school curriculum as they cannot always be wholly paid for out of the school’s budget.  


School Fund

This is a voluntary donation which is now collected annually.  The cost is just £15 per year if you have one child in school or £20 per family per year.  This is the single most important way in which you can help the school financially.  School fund is used to help reduce the cost of educational visits and helps us to support children by enabling us to buy extra resources, prizes for attendance, cooking items etc.  A letter will be sent out in September, along with an envelope for returning any donations.


Building Fund

There are now arrangements for a diocese-wide building fund to which parents will be asked to contribute.  This is an important fund as without it we cannot make major changes to the school building.  The school has to contribute 10% of any building costs and this fund helps us to pay for these.  Most recently the building fund has contributed towards a new mobile classroom and rewiring of the school.