St. Bernadette'sCatholic Primary School"A School That Follows Jesus"


Welcome toSt. Bernadette'sCatholic Primary School"A School That Follows Jesus"

Who's Who

School Staff and Governors


Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs. J Richmond

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs. S. Moran

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs. S. Galloway


Teaching Staff 
Miss. J. Mullins
Miss. H. James

Miss V Billingsley

Miss J Fellows
Mrs E Wilson-Thickens

Miss L Dwyer
Mr. P. Davies
Mrs. S. Galloway
Mrs. S. Moran


Teaching Assistants: 
Mrs. J. Dutton
Miss. N. Tamburro
Mrs. N. Taylor
Mrs. L. Wilkinson
Mrs. D. Willcock
Mrs. S. Danks
Mrs. A. Davies
Mrs. B. Hunt
Mrs. S. Clemson
Mrs. S.Thompson 

Mrs E Murphy                                                                                                                    

School Secretary: Mrs. S. Strazzanti

Admin Assistant: Mrs. B. Breckles

Caretaker: Mr. I. Salt

Cleaner: Mrs. K. Horton


Dining Supervisors:
Senior Dining Supervisor - Mrs. E. Murphy  
Mrs A Dennis

Mrs S. Groves                                                                                                       

Mrs. M. Hailey

Mrs K Parkes

Mrs C Penn

Kitchen Supervisor - Mrs. S. Hunter
Kitchen Assistant - Mrs. P. Hill

Breakfast and After School Club:

Mrs. D. Willcock (Leader)             

Mrs. E. Murphy (Breakfast Club Assistant) 

Miss M Grant (Assistant)       


School Governors (correct at time of publication)

Chairman:  Mr M Quinn

Head Teacher Governor: Mrs. J Richmond

Foundation Governor: Vacant

Foundation Governor: Mrs. A. Craddock

Foundation Governor: Mrs. A. Scott

Foundation Governor: Fr P Madden
Foundation Governor: Mrs. A.M. Cooper

Foundation Governor: Mrs C Norton
Foundation Governor: vacant

Teacher Governor: Miss L. Dwyer

Elected Parent Governor: Mrs. S Allen

Elected Parent Governor: Mrs. H. Hasketh

L.E.A. Representative: vacant

Clerk to the Governors: Walsall Clerking Services