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Dropping off and Collection of Children

Bringing your child to Breakfast Club and collecting them from After School Club.


The Out of School Club mobile is situated around the back of the school.  You must enter the school grounds via the green gate and cross the playground, following the path around to the back of the school.  Please come to the gate and ring the bell.  All children must be signed into Breakfast Club by a parent or guardian, and then signed out of After School Club.  As part of our safeguarding procedure, children are not permitted to arrive or leave The Beehive without a parent or guardian present. 


Who can collect your child from The Beehive?


If anyone other than a parent or legal guardian is collecting your child at the end of the day, you must inform The Beehive staff in advance.  We will not allow anyone (including grandparents) to sign a child out of After School Club without prior consent from the child’s parent. 


Collecting your child after 6 pm.


Please be aware that The Beehive closes at 6 pm.  Therefore, if your child remains in the club past this time there will be an additional charge of £5.00 per fifteen minutes.  It is important that we have up- to-date contact information for parents or legal guardians.  If we cannot contact anyone, social services will be informed.