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Applying for a Secondary School Place



Below is some helpful information for when you need to start looking for a Secondary School place for your child.


Before you apply


You should:


  • explore School Websites, read School Admissions Policies and entry criteria. This will help you understand how Schools make their admissions decisions
  • try to attend School Open Evenings. Speak to staff, and ask about the admissions criteria they used last year. Some schools may be holding their Open Evenings virtually.  Individual school websites will have the most up-to-date information
  • think about how your child will travel to and from School


Deciding on your School preferences


You should include five Schools on your application, and list them in order of preference.  If you only express a preference for a single School, you risk being offered a place that you are unhappy with. You should also choose Schools that your child has a realistic chance of getting in to.


Walsall Council has a duty to offer your child a School place. They will always try to meet your first choice, but sometimes they receive more applications than the School has places available. They'll then try to offer your next highest preference.  If they cannot meet any of your preferences, they will offer you a place in the nearest School to your home address with available places. They will will also put your child’s name on the waiting list for your preferred Schools.


Applying for schools outside Walsall


If you live in Walsall but any of your preferred schools are outside Walsall Borough, you can still apply in the same way. Walsall Council runs a co-ordinated admissions scheme with neighbouring councils and admissions authorities, so you only have to complete one application.


Please find below a link to the Walsall Secondary School Admissions page where you can apply.