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The following information is designed to inform you of the responsibilities that Parents, Governors and Head Teachers have, with regard to your child’s attendance at school.


The Government believes that children should attend school regularly because:


  1. A good education will give a child the best possible start in life.
  2. Where a child does not attend regularly, he or she will have difficulty in keeping up with their work and will therefore under achieve.
  3. Employers will want to be sure that their employees are reliable, so children who have poor attendance records may have less chance of getting a good job.
  4. Young people who are off school for no good reason are at risk of becoming victims of crime or abuse and may also be drawn into anti-social or criminal behaviour.


The Government regard 95% as the minimum satisfactory attendance for a primary school child but most children should routinely have an attendance rate of 97% or more (this is equivalent of 6 days absence a year).




A child registered at St Bernadette’s can only legally miss school if:


  •    The child is too ill to go to school/has a medical appointment.


  •    The school has authorised the absence beforehand.


If your child is ill then you must let school know as soon as possible before 9.00 am on the same day.  Please keep the school informed if your child is going to be away for more than a day.  Telephone Number: 01543 452921


If school does not receive a telephone call, parents will be contacted as soon as the register closes.  If we do not receive an explanation for your child’s absence, then it will be recorded on their file as an unauthorised absence. 


It is our legal duty to inform the Educational Welfare Officer on the third day of absence without notification who will visit your home.


If a child has a medical appointment, wherever possible, an appointment card must be shown to the School Office so that the absence can be authorised.  This will be copied for school records.




A Persistent Absentee is a child who has lost 10% or more attendance over a period of 6 half terms (September to July).  The Educational Welfare Officer will monitor their attendance closely and any absences will be recorded as unauthorised unless sufficient proof of illness is seen.




Absence will NOT be authorised for:


  1. Annual Holidays
  2. Birthdays or similar events
  3. Parental condoned absence or truancy


If you take a holiday without the school’s permission, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence (truancy) and noted on the child’s file. This could eventually result in you having to apply to a different school for your child.




There are only 190 statutory days in one school year.


There are 175 days (weekends and school holidays)       available to use for holidays.





If you take your child out of school without the prior approval of the school, you may be liable for penalty fine.


A penalty fine is £60.00 per parent per child

(if paid within 28 days)


(2 children = £120 x 2 parents = £240.00). 

This increases to £100 after 28 days or before 42 days. (2 children - £200 x 2 parents = £400.00)




The school is opened at 8.45 am and Registers are taken at 8.55 am.


The gate is locked at 8.55 am and the morning session commences promptly at 9.00 am


If a child arrives in the morning after the gate has closed, they are late and parents should register them into school at the School Office.


Late letters are produced each week and at the beginning of each term and are sent out to parents.  


If a child is persistently late and there is no improvement made, then the matter will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer.




Lateness impacts on both the child and the class.             




  1. Misses first part of the lesson
  2. Disrupts other children
  3. Feels vulnerable and different by arriving late in class
  4. Does marginally worse in exams
  5. Misses important morning announcements




  1. Teacher having to repeat instructions
  2. Disrupted when child walks in
  3. Attainment is effected by lateness
  4. Lates can effect the classes attendance figures if the child is late after the register closes.