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Our Governors



Dr Gerry Gomez:                                   Chair of Governors 

Mrs Siobhan Moran:                              Head Teacher                

Mr Paul Davies:                                     Staff Governor

Mrs Amanda Dawson:                            Foundation Governor                       

Ms Gilda Payarira:                                 Foundation Governor

Mrs Maura Logan:                                 Foundation Governor

Mrs Rebecca Lancaster                        Foundation Governor 

Mrs Marie Mulcrow                              Foundation Governor 

Mrs Kelly Scott:                                   Parent Governor

Mr Gareth Snyman:                              Parent Governor (Safeguarding)



We are extremely lucky to have exceptionally supportive Governors, who have the children's best interests and the mission of the school at their heart. All Governors work together for the good of the school, ensuring that decisions are in line with current legislation and expectations. They support the Head Teacher in monitoring, planning ahead, raising standards, budgetary control, prioritising needs and ensuring the smooth running of the school for the children of St. Bernadette's School.


Our Governing Body consists of the Local Education Committee. some who are appointed, some who are elected, to speak and act on behalf of the key groups in our School; the parents, the staff, the Local Authority and the Parish.  The main School Governing Body meet at least four times a year, and Committee Meetings take place at least once every term to discuss matters relating to Curriculum, Finance, Staffing, Health and Safety, Ethos and Admissions. All Governors serve for four years.


Each Governor also liaises with specific Subject Leaders in monitoring specific subjects – these are known as Link Governors and report back to the full Governing Body on their findings.


We hope that any issues you may have can be dealt with by the Head Teacher, however, if you would like to contact the Governing Body please do so in writing addressing it to the Chair of Governors c/o St. Bernadette's school.