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School Life in Pictures

Art Week - Monday 22 March 2021 - Friday 26 March 2021.


The children have been busy this week creating beautiful pieces of Art.  Lots of different techniques have been used and below are some of their masterpieces.

Year 4 - Soap Sculptures

Year 4 - Painting by Paul Cezanne

Year 4 - Lenticular Optical Illusions and Willow Designs

Science Week - Monday 8th March - Friday 12 March 2021


Last week was Science Week in School.  Each class covered a different topic.  Please see below photos of our week in school.

Science Week in Year 6 - Experimenting if Ethanol Reduces Capacity

Year 5 - Debating Selective Breeding of Animals

Science Week in Year 4 - Water Tension, Expansion and Gut Microbiome's!

Science Week in Year 3 - Splitting Light into Colours and Recycling

Science Week in Year 2 - Wonky Fruit and Vegetables!

Science Week in Reception - Dinosaurs and Volcanoes!

World Book Day - Friday 5th March 2021


We celebrated World Book Day last week with the whole day devoted to reading based activities.


Our theme was "bedtime stories" and we asked all children in school and at home to wear their pyjamas for the day.


Please see below lots of photos of the day.

Year 6's World Book Day Activities

Year 5's World Book Day

Year 4's World Book Day Activities

Year 3's World Book Day

Year 2's World Book Day Antics!

Reception Class read Supertato and then made him!