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In line with the SEN Code of Practice (2014) we are currently supporting 23 children with educational needs following a graduated response.


23 children have SEN School Support which involves them working in small groups or a small amount of 1:1 support with a Teaching Assistant and can involve them having outside agency support and more intensive support to meet their specific needs.


5 children have an Educational Health and Care Plan. These children receive extra funding from Walsall LEA. They have had multi-agency assessment and their progress is monitored very closely by the outside agencies involved as well as our school. 


Progress is being tracked through normal school tracking system, through IEP and review meetings, IEP target tracking using traffic light system and a more detailed SEN tracking sheet which includes reading age, spelling age, High Frequency Sight Words known, phonic level etc.


For further information please contact Mr Linford via the School Office.


Copies of our SEN policy and Special Educational Needs Report are accessible below.


Access Facilities for Pupils with SEND


Disabled parking is available within the staff parking area, a disabled toilet is situated in KS2, one pathway has a slope of a degree that is suitable for wheelchair access, access to most areas of the school is via ramps and all classes have a soundfield system to improve access for hearing impaired children.

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