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Catholic Life

Our faith is central to all that we do at St Bernadette’s.


Historically, Catholic schools were created to provide centres of education to develop literate, numerate, moral, confident, independent young children who could contribute and mould the future of our world, in line with the teachings of Christ. We work really hard to do just that. At St Bernadette’s our  mission statement is:


“We follow Jesus”


We use many opportunities to fulfil our mission in our interaction with one another. Our comprehensive programme of religious education coupled with the importance of Spiritual, moral, social and emotional development, progressively builds on children's understanding of their place in God's family. We celebrate our Catholic faith whilst embracing the differing cultures within our school community. We work hard to instil values of kindness, self-control, patience and trust. We strive to ensure that all children achieve to the best of their ability because we recognise our God given talents and the need to share those with others and for the good of others.


Our school is named after one of the most well known, yet most humble, saints in Church history, who has inspired many people by her simple faith and incredible life-story.