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Easter Football Camp 


The Albion Foundation are running a Football Camp this Easter from 6th-9th April at Oak Park Active Living Centre.  Please see the letter below for more information.








PE Lessons


Reception - Friday

Year 1 - Thursday

Year 2 - Thursday

Year 3 - Thursday

Year 4 - Friday

Year 5 - Thursday

Year 6 - Monday


Please send your child into school in their PE Kit on their PE day.

Challenge Class


Challenge Class is every Monday for Years 5 and 6.


Year 5 - 3.20 pm - 4.20 pm

Year 6 - 3.10 pm - 4.10 pm.

Raffle in support of West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue - 10 November 2020


The children have come up with the lovely idea of holding a raffle to help Joan and her poorly hedgehogs to raise much needed funds to buy food, medicines and blankets etc.  


Tickets are 20p each of £1.00 a strip with all monies going to the West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue.


We have 2 beautiful hampers that have been donated with Mrs Strazzanti showing off her skills by crocheting 2 beautiful hedgehogs.


We hope to raise as much money as we can for this very worthwhile charity.


The charity is always looking for donations of the following items, if you are able to donate:-


• Tinned Cat Food (meat based in jelly, no fish or gravy)

• Clean paper pet bedding & puppy training pads

• Old Towels/Bedding

• Dried mealworms

• Feeding Syringes

• Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel


To find out more about the rescue, their website is:-  www.











Photos of the hampers to follow.

"Prickly News!" - 9 November 2020


A couple of weeks ago, a few of our children found a hedgehog on our school field.  As it was out during the daytime we knew something was wrong with it.


Mrs Murphy our Out of School Club Manager wrapped it up in a towel and put him in a box to keep warm with a bowl of water.  Some of the children named him Fuzzypeg!  Word got around school and Fuzzypeg had lots of visitors!  











A member of staff knew of a local Hedgehog Rescue who would look after him/her and Fuzzypeg was transported there later on that afternoon.  He/she was delivered to a lovely lady called Joan Lockley who runs West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue in Cheslyn Hay, Walsall along with a letter from some of our children.   Joan promised to make him/her better and release him/her back into the wild.  











Joan replied to the children a couple of weeks later with a letter and a photo of "Fuzzypeg" looking a lot better!













West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue is run by experienced hedgehog carer Joan Lockley. During her career she has saved thousands of hedgehogs.


Her aim is to always act in the best interests of sick, injured and distressed wild native hedgehogs. She'll never refuse a call for help, and will either look after the hedgehog in our purpose-built West Midlands Hosprickal, or help you find another carer in your area if you're not in her region.


Joan is always on a mission to educate people as to how they can help hedgehogs and about the worrying decline of the species. She holds regular educational talks and recently featured in Episode 1 of Nature Nuts with Julian Clary on ITV1. In October 2015 Joan won an IFAW Animal Action Award for her work with hedgehogs, and in October 2017 the IFAW followed this up with a wonderful blog post on their website entitled 'A Day in the Life of a Hero Hedgehog Helper'. In 2020 Joan featured in Channel 5's 'Saving Britain's Hedgehogs' with Steve Backshall and Brian May.


If you find a sick, injured, orphaned or distressed hedgehog it will require expert attention and care. If you are located in the West Midlands or Staffordshire please call us on 01922 419532 or 07837 409533.


If you are outside our region please contact The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 to find the carer for your area.


Please do not use Facebook or Twitter to report a hedgehog in need as these services are manned by volunteers and you may waste time using these methods. Always phone us.