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Year 5

Reading - Georgia Year 5


On 21st September Charlie and I along with Mrs Galloway [the Deputy Head] and Mrs Taylor [a Teaching Assistant] picked a variety of books adding up to £531.81.


I believe reading is important because I know that normally when people say reading is important they say things like you have to learn how to read because if you don’t you can’t do anything in life but you shouldn’t read because you have to, you should do it because it’s fun. The reason we ordered the new books is because you need to find a kind of book that suits you, if you don’t like a book don’t read it, that’s fine read something you like. You don’t have to like every book.


I know that reading is not for everyone, I used to hate reading but I found the Tom Gates series. I found out that the book series was definitely my type of book when I finished it, I read it again, I loved it so much.  I have seen 3 classmates choose a Tom Gates book I think many of you will like them it’s about a year five school boy who hates spellings, maths and is always late handing in homework, he also hates his sister Delia who’s a grumpy teenager. But he does like reading comics and doodling. I think many of you will relate to this and enjoy this funny series of books.


Then I found the treehouse series of books which are funny too and I figured out I love fun books but also serious adventure books. I love reading because I’ve always wanted to be an actor and I can add expression to my reading like an actor! At St. Bernadettes' we encourage reading.  When you read find what you love about it and although the new books are only for levels 15 and 16 the rest of the levels also have many amazing books. We also have a library with many fantastic books. There are 18 levels but the fun doesn’t stop there you get put on free reading or you can read any books that you get from the library which is accessible every Monday. We love reading and hope you can too.


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