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Here at St Bernadette's, we use Walsall Catering Service, the council’s own catering department, who provides school meals in 64 schools across the borough.

Meals are cooked freshly every day by well trained staff, using high quality ingredients. All menus comply with the Government’s new food and nutrient standards introduced to ensure children are guaranteed a tasty and nutritious meal.

School meals are now made using less sugar, salt and fat, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. They include a wide range of healthy options, and combine traditional favourite dishes such as roast dinners, with new and exciting ranges including chicken joe wraps.

A wider range of fresh fruit and vegetables are on offer with strawberries, grapes and melon a regular feature, alongside the staples of bananas, apples and oranges. Salad bars are now available in all primary schools.


The cost of a school meal is £2.05 (plus an extra 25p for some juice/milk.)  Included in this meal will be:-


Main protein dish

Potato, rice or pasta dish

Vegetables or salad

Gravy or sauce as appropriate

Bread from a bread basket

Pudding or fruit or yoghurt

Custard where appropriate.


Vegetarian options are available every day, as well as filled jacket potatoes.


Fresh drinking water is always available. A three week cycle of nutritious lunches, planned to meet the needs of primary age children is operated in Walsall.


For our Reception and Key Stage 1 children, we operate a Banding System.  A menu will be sent home with your child for you both to look at and decide what your child would like to eat for the following week.  The menu will need to be returned to school no later than  Friday of the week before.  The school has the top sheet and the bottom sheet stays at home with you so that you can remember what your child is going to be eating.  Your child will then will be issued with the appropriate coloured band each day for lunch.




Currently, due to Covid-19, our Menu's are on a 3-week rolling period, Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.  Please see below.



Free School Meals Information


You should register for Free School Meals, even if your child is in YR to Y2 and receives a ‘Universal Free School Meal’. If your application for Free School Meals is successful, St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School will also receive extra funding from the Government to use in support of teaching and learning (Pupil Premium).